Rollapaluza / Polopaluza Event Eindhoven


Rollapaluza / Polopaluza Event Eindhoven

Speaking of polo! Across the world at the same time as Los Marcos is this! LOVE the flier!

Rollapaluza roller-race / Polopaluza bike polo Event – Saturday 10th of October 2009

Roller-race sprint event in ‘t Vonderke Eindhoven. Where it all started back in the days, now back with a new formula. Saturday 10th of October. Pure adrenaline, sweat, beers and tears. Young and old, everybody is welcome to join. There’re lots of prizes to win!

Rollapaluza roller-racing
Time: 20:00 – 02.00h
Fee: EUR 5,-

Polopaluza: Eindhoven bike polo tourney
Hereby we proudly invite you to Polopaluza bike polo tournament. Blood, sweat, beers, and nice prizes are on the way. Everyone is welcome, but only 12 teams can join this tourney… First come, first serve!!

Polopaluza bike polo. (powered by Fuccit)
Time: 12.00 – 18.00h
Fee: EUR 15,- (incl. dinner + roller-race)

What we nee from you is:
1. Your team name
2. Name of 3 players
3. Reachable e-mail address + telephone number

Sign up now! *link to Fuccit.

Location: Café ‘t Vonderke – Lodewijk Napoleonplein 9 – Eindhoven

More info here!