Richard Sachs: Sax Max Atmo


Richard Sachs: Sax Max Atmo


I love getting emails from Richard Sachs. Especially when it’s something like this. Dude is stoked on his new Sax Max lugs and I can see why!

“it was nearly 10 years ago that my Richie-Issimo lug sets came on to the market. it was my humble attempt at becoming my own supplier as well as a source for other effbuilders to tap for what was then a shrinking pool of raw material. since that time, i’ve done another 18 or so mold tools for cast lugs, fork crowns, b.b. shells, and braze-ons. this past autumn i decided to grow the original parts and make them available for OS2 frame dimensions atmo. i call the updated version Sax Max because – just because – and the first samples arrived yesterday. in typical OCD style, i took about 600 pictures of them before lunch today and, what with country livin’ n shit, it took four hours to load them on flickr. the gallery is at this link and i will prolly add some more still. but that won’t be until after i do a few smuttynose IPAs bro. i’ll paste in some images below for those who don’t wanna click over to the picture pages.

the short of it these are for 36mm head tubes, 34.9mm down tubes, and 31.8mm top and seat tubes. the complementary (that’s complement with an E…) 1 1/8″ fork crown is past the napkin stage and over in the solidworks cubicle à ce moment-ci.”

I wanna see that 1 1/8″ fork crown. Maybe I’ll use that on a forthcoming bike project! Check out more of these beautiful lugs at the ATMO Flickr.