Review: Nocturnal – Violent Revenge


Review: Nocturnal – Violent Revenge


Bring on the summer jams! Grab your skateboards and thrash the fuck out of a pool. This fucking album rules! While they have a slew of 7″ and splits to their name this is only the second full-length that Thrash/Black Metal crossover ace Nocturnal has put out and man does Violent Revenge fucking deliver!

“Hellhunt”, the first track reminds me of Possessed or Venom and sets the tone for the album with a 5 second scream followed by a wicked follow-through of demonic chords. “Death is the Answer” is my favorite jam; The chords in it just scream Thrash at its finest and doesn’t drop off for the entire 3:37. If they dropped a blast beat or two, I’d be in musical heaven (or hell). My only complaint is the wussy-ass “wow” at the beginning of “Disgracer”. Or was that supposed to ironic? Violent Revenge finishes off with “Hells Forces”, a song that would induce a massive circle pit. Short and sweet, just the way a thrash album should end!

For those who discover it, Violent Revenge will surely be one of the years best and quite possibly a classic Tharsh/Black Metal crossover album for generations to come. I’d also like to point out that I’m not a vinyl junkie, but if I was, this album would be a definite acquisition because it would sound epic on vinyl. Something about the mid-80′s sound infused with black metal makes this album not only a win but perfect for a record player.