Remembering the Coney Island Velodrome


Remembering the Coney Island Velodrome


NY Bike Jumble is coming up on their one-year anniversary. In 2010, Harry and his little helpers are planning on setting up an exhibit about the long-lost Coney Island Velodrome. More details below from the Bike Jumble press-release on how you could help them achieve this goal.

Thank you for making the NY Bike Jumble’s first year such a success. We hope you enjoyed the two Jumbles, the free photo booth and our blog postings.

We have some exciting plans for the next cycling season, including another Jumble and an exhibit about the Coney Island Velodrome.
The Coney Island Velodrome was the last commercial bicycle racing track in New York, and hosted some of cycling’s most grueling races. With your help, we will bring the Velodrome back to life with a display of vintage bikes that were raced on the Coney track, as well as beautiful programs and posters that trumpeted the heroism of the riders. The exhibit will be a tribute to New York’s glorious cycling past, preserving stories that have long languished in an undeserved obscurity.

While the exhibit has a venue (the Old Stone House, site of the first Bike Jumble), we need your help. I am writing to you to ask for a small donation to ensure that the exhibit becomes a reality. Your tax-deductible donation will go directly towards the research, materials and construction of an exhibit that is truly worthy of the Velodrome and New York’s flourishing bike culture.

Please click on the following link for more info in a .pdf format here.

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