REload Bags: MOLLE Collection


REload Bags: MOLLE Collection


When I received my ILE Mark II prototype, I was stoked to see Eric using the military-designed MOLLE system. MOLLE is an acronym for MOdular Lightweight Load-carrying Equipment and it looks like Eric isn’t the only cycling bag maker to re-appropriate it for his portage line. Roland at REload has a forthcoming MOLLE Collection in the works. Soon you’ll be able to purchase any of the REload bags with a completely integrated MOLLE system. What does that mean though?

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It means that if you want to purchase custom holders for u-locks, radios, tools, phones or even water bottles, you’ll be able to move them anywhere on the bag, as long as there’s a MOLLE framework. Much like the ILE Mark II, this Flight Pack has loops just about everywhere. You can really be a pack mule now. I’d love to see some panniers with this system. Talk about fully-loaded. Check out more at REload!