Recent Roll: Marty and His Geekhouse Woodville


Recent Roll: Marty and His Geekhouse Woodville


As I was finishing up with Sarah’s bike, the Geekhouse crew hit me up. Turns out they were right around the corner and wanted to get one last meal with me from some food trucks. We all met up, ate, chatted bikes, Allston vs. Austin and then Marty tried to get naked with his own Woodville.


This is one slick little city bike. 22-internal gears, achieved by an Alfine in the rear and a Schlumpf on the front. He even managed to score one of the last oval chains from the Shimano rep. Killer huh?

Believe it or not, this concludes all my NAHBS coverage. I might do one or two more posts but not nearly in the frequency I have been. What an overwhelming week it’s been! I’ve upped a few more photos to the NAHBS in 35mm Flickr set from this afternoon so check them out!