Recent Roll: Hills Hurt


Recent Roll: Hills Hurt


If you live in Austin and you don’t have a road bike or a cross bike, you’re missing out on so much pain! Just southwest of the city lies Westlake Hills, a neighborhood with more pain per square mile than anywhere else in the city. Terrace Mtn, West Lake, Red Bud and other roads offer up jacked-up, lung busting good times. I took Puckett up Terrace Mtn a few weeks ago. 10 miles, 1,400ft of elevation and at 10am, it was already 90 degrees. It was his first time up the ride and he made it all the way. These photos from my Recent Roll tell the tale all too well!

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He’s been enjoying his Bianchi Campione!


Film: Ilford Delta
Camera: Yashica T4

Hills need to be accompanied by the finest doom metal.

Don’t forget your Jucifer when you head out to ride!