Recent Roll: Boston’s Dirty Bird Crit


Recent Roll: Boston’s Dirty Bird Crit



The last time I was in Boston, Josh from Arc En Ciel invited me to a crit series they had just started called the Dirty Bird Crit. The format was simple, every Tuesday night (that’s tonight too I might add!), 20 or so riders head out to the Dry Docks to race a live course for 15 laps. The winner gets bragging rights and then everyone rides out to a bar. I was beat from shooting photos all day, so I brought my GR1 and some 1600 Neopan. The shots came out awesome!

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Thanks to everyone who attended the races that night and if you’re interested in joining, the group meets every Tuesday at 7pm at Arc En Ciel in Somerville! That’s tonight. Get your asses out there!