Rapha: Performance Denim


Rapha: Performance Denim


I’ve found selvage and raw denims work the best for cycling. Sure, there’s a break-in period but in that time, the jeans break in based on your riding position. Jeans with elastic are great but only last a fraction of the time for me. A good example is a pair of Docs or Clarks. Sure, they take a while to break in but when they break in, they’re molded to your feet. Elastic side-steps that process and makes for a product that is bound to deteriorate at a faster pace just based on its inherent flexibility.

So when a company boasts of riding denim, I greet it with a bit of apprehension and questions. Are they gusseted? What weight is the denim? Where are they made? Are there too many, god-awful reflective doo-dads and pockets everywhere? Call me a cynic but if there’s one thing I know, it’s jeans and if there’s one company that I believe can make a good pair of cycling denim, it’s Rapha.

“A performance denim made from nylon, cotton and elastane blend yarns, these specialist cycling jeans are hard-wearing, stain-resistant and fast drying. Developed specifically for Rapha in Italy, the denim is an evolution in functional fabric. Unlike regular denim, the jeans are extremely resistant to abrasion and won’t deteriorate at key wear points, particularly around the seat. The stretch in the yarn also allows for ease of movement.”

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