Rapha: D’Acciaio (Of Steel)


Rapha: D’Acciaio (Of Steel)

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Apologies for getting this up so late but it’s partially Rapha’s fault for that. After a kick-ass time at their event and many Stellas, I’m a bit hungover this morning! D’Acciaio (Of Steel), is their final film with RSA Films and is now live on their homepage. Here’s the PR:

As with the others, this film will only be available on the Rapha homepage for 24 hours. With Dario Pegoretti as the subject, this film is a unique and concise exploration of a man that has continually been a subject within the cycling community. Compared to the narrative structure of the previous two films this one is more of a documentary take on this famous framebuilder from Italy. There are some great humorous moments that delve into the tortured and charismatic personality of Pegoretti.

Jeremy and everyone, it was great meeting you finally! You guys rule.