Rapha: A Throw of the Dice


Rapha: A Throw of the Dice

Rapha‘s projects with Ridley Scott Associates kick off today. Check out the first feature, A Throw of the Dice above by clicking on the image and read a synopsis below:

The first film A Throw Of The Dice is Director Nick Livesey‘s take on famed Professional Bike Racer and Thrice Paris-Roubaix winner Johan Museeuw. Almost every piece of Rapha clothing has what we call an “Inside Story” placed somewhere in the garment. With the jerseys it is inside the back zippered pocket, and with our current collection of Club Jerseys we turned our focus to two ex-Pro racers (Sean Kelly, and Museeuw) and one current Professional Bicycle Framebuilder (Dario Pegoretti).

Speaking from a personal standpoint, I have seen the films and the one this Friday has to be the craziest of the three. It features footage from last years Paris Roubaix as well as footage from Museeuw’s winning years. It is a very intimate look at what the race means through the eyes of one of its fiercest competitors – The Lion of Flanders (Museeuw). The directors were given free reign to interpret as they will and it goes without saying that Livesey took this explorations to the utmost maximum to produce one of the strangest, most compelling and visually stunning short films about a bicycle racer that I have ever seen. It has been a treat for us to see and hear about these films as they have been in their development stages.

For the next three weeks Rapha will be offering 24-hour free screenings for the following short films:

Trailer One:
A Throw of the Dice
Premiers August 13th

Trailer Two:
Two Broad Arrows
Premiers August 20th

Trailer Three:
Of Steel
Premiers August 27th

This rules. Seriously don’t miss out!