Random Giveaway: MKE Nickel Bar Ends


Random Giveaway: MKE Nickel Bar Ends

I’m going to start doing random contests like this. The rules are simple this time. Take a picture of your bike’s current, beat to shit bar-ends. The nastier the better and if they’re not plugged, that’s even more reason to do this.

The first two people to post their pictures in the comments get a free pair of MKE Nickel Bar Ends. You have to host your own images on Flickr or something similar. Use the embed code to place the image in the comments. Do not email pictures to me. Simply post them in the comments.

Now I’m sure there will be a lot of you, but the first two that come across the comment-approval form win them, as long as the criteria above is met. I’ll ship them out (hopefully) tomorrow morning before I hop on my plane to Tokyo. International readers welcome and US Nickels will be supplied.

Now… GO!

In the future, follow me on Twitter and I’ll post advanced warnings of these giveaways.

That was fast! Matt and Will B got their pics up first. Good job guys. Everyone else, check back next time!