Radar Roundup: Turning the Cogs Survey, ENVE Melee, Moots Apex Finish, Toro Grande, and ILE Blackout Patchwork


Radar Roundup: Turning the Cogs Survey, ENVE Melee, Moots Apex Finish, Toro Grande, and ILE Blackout Patchwork

Our Radar Roundup compiles products and videos from the ‘net in an easy-to-digest format. Read on below for today’s findings…

Turning the Cogs Cycling Research Project

‘Turning the Cogs’ is a research project from Women in Adventure aiming to understand how we can build greater diversity and inclusivity at cycling events. They are keen to hear from all folks and spokes, but, particularly want to gather the thoughts of those who are part of an underrepresented area of cycling.

Together with your help, Turning the Cogs want to make events inclusive for the full spectrum of riders. You can support their work by sharing your thoughts in their survey or passing it along to fellow riders.

The survey is now live here!

ENVE Melee All Road Bike Clears a 35mm Tire

ENVE’s Custom Road shifted the paradigm for the Utah-based brand. Now the Melee builds upon their knowledge gained over the past few years making custom carbon bikes, resulting in a stock geo bike tuned for speed and efficiency. With geometry optimized around 27 to 32 mm tires, the Melee dials up the versatility with the ability to fit up to 35 mm tires, allowing you to tune your Melee to meet the needs of the day. Roll on over to ENVE to read all about it.

Moots Offers New Apex Anodizing Finish

The Apex is the innermost point of your riding line through the turn arc. It’s the point that separates your corner entry from corner exit, and it’s necessary to hit this mark if you’re to ride the fastest line through the corner. When cornering is done correctly, the fastest SPEED ACHIEVED will be realized.

This beautiful bright anodized treatment is carried out in a cool blue hue and gold fade to achieve the look and feel of speed. The seat tube carries the number 81 to denote the year that Moots was founded, and a subtle touch to the chain stay adds to the APEX free speed theory. Check out more at Moots.

Mission Workshop Toro Grande Handlebar Bag $98-105

Mission Workshop’s Toro handlebar bag, just got a bit bigger with its Grande sibling. Like its smaller cousin, the Toro Grande is named after our favorite San Francisco burrito shop and incorporates the same advanced materials and weatherproof construction. Coming in at 4.68 liters the Toro Grande is ideal for longer rides, commuting or simply when the stowage of bulkier items is needed. Compatible with all road, gravel, MTB, and commuter bikes, it is super stable with zero bounce even on the roughest trails.

Check out more at Mission Workshop.

Inside Line Equipment Blackout Patchwork Bags $125-350

A study in materials, textures, and composition, ILE’s new Blackout Patchwork collection features tonal renditions of three ILE shop favorites – Default 25L, Radius Mini, and Minimal Tote.

They’ve laid out a patchwork configuration on each of these styles utilizing four hard-wearing, weatherproof fabrics: VX21 XPAC, X51 XPAC, 500D Cordura / 275 Dyneema Ripstop, and 1050D Ballistic Nylon. To maximize functionality, the fabrics appear in a gradient from heaviest at the bottom to lightest up top.

See more of these slick bags at Inside Line Equipment.


Stuff we see on the ‘net that causes pause…

Photo via @fern_bicycles

We love the work that comes out of the Fern Bicycles shop. Ever since we set eyes on their unique bikes and racks in 2016, we fell in love. (Remember our Fahrradschau coverage?) This illustration of one of their bikes caught our eye…

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