Radar Roundup: Kat Litty Panniers, Dispersed 6mm to 14mm Adapter, Jank Beverage Clip, Wolf Tooth Holiday MTB Giveaway, Alpacka Sled?, The Hill Project, and America’s Best Gravel Ride?


Radar Roundup: Kat Litty Panniers, Dispersed 6mm to 14mm Adapter, Jank Beverage Clip, Wolf Tooth Holiday MTB Giveaway, Alpacka Sled?, The Hill Project, and America’s Best Gravel Ride?

Our Radar Roundup compiles products and videos from the ‘net in an easy-to-digest format. Read on below for today’s findings…

Kat Litty Designs Roll Top Panniers $265

Coming across new (to us) bag makers is always a treat and yesterday, we were introduced to Kat Litty thanks to the algorithm. Is this the first time someone praises the algorithm? Anyway… Kat Litty makes a slew of neat touring and bikepacking bags but these Roll Top Panniers caught our eye. Maybe because a lot of us on staff here live in dry and arid (i.e. dusty) places and dust kills zippers (eventually).

The Kat Litty Designs panniers have a traditional roll top opening with a singular buckle closure overtop of the roll. Overstuff them when you’re on day 1 of a multi-day stint without resupply, after a local grocery run, or lugging around beverages for the homies. When times are lighter, give them a few extra rolls to keep things tight!

  • Double lined side walls and bottom for extra durability
  • One slim external pocket for small items
  • (+ $20) One removable velcro divider- splits the pannier in half horizontally for easy access to items in the lower half via an external zippered opening
  • Materials vary from 500D to 1680D CORDURA & VX21 X-PAC
  • 1” Male & Female Buckles
  • 1” Snap Lock Buckles
  • 1” Black Webbing
  • #8 URE YKK Zipper
  • 3/4” Ribbon

Check out more at Kat Litty Designs.

Dispersed Bikepacking 6 mm to 14 mm Adapter for eeWings $40

Yesterday when John included his Sincere Cycles eeWings 8mm bolt, a commenter linked to these Dispersed Bikepacking adapters. While they’re not the same as a replacement bolt, they will work in a pinch if or when your cranks loosen up on a long tour (which in our experience, they do!)

These ti adapters weigh only 6g and are tiny enough to keep in your permanent tool kit. They’ll get ya tight until you can get back to a torque wrench.

See more at Dispersed Bikepacking.

Jank Beverage Clip: Bike Can Holder (Outside Brendan Collab) $19.99/$24.99

Again with the algorithm! If you follow Outside Brendan, you’ve most likely caught wind of this product. Like most of Brendan’s designs, they’re exercises in fun as much as they are examinations of what is possible with 3D printing and DIY designs. This “Beverage Clip” began in jest but with demand, he linked up with Jank Components to make it a reality. So if you want to carry a can with you on your rides and really like it shaken upon arrival, well, here’s your key! Available in shorty and tallboy direct from Jank Components.

Wolf Tooth Holiday Mountain Bike Giveaway!

Wolf Tooth is in the spirit of giving this holiday season and so they’ve pulled together a $10,000 dream MTB giveaway! All you’ve gotta do is sign up with their form and follow the brands on Instagram. Roll on over to Wolf Tooth to sign up and best of luck to all entrants!

Alpacka Adrenaline Sled $150

Be like Clark and fly down that slope aboard an all-new Alpacka Sled this winter. No, this isn’t an April Fool’s product. It’s a true to life, real sled made from Alpacka Raft scraps in Mancos, Colorado. Yes, this is the only product photo available.

We don’t know what to tell ya, but if you’ve got a packraft buddy who you need a wild gift for… wellllllllllll you might wanna get one. See more at Alpacka!




The Hill Project

Oscar Härnström and Nicolas Hidalgo present The Hill Project, a story about a desolate hill, mountain biking, trail building and the endless of possibilities that comes of owing your own mountain. Filmed at Kisa Mtb Park in south of Sweden.



Is This America’s Best Gravel Ride?

GCN flew across the pond from the UK to the wonderful grasslands surrounding Patagonia, Arizona to experience America’s best gravel ride!




Stuff we see on the ‘net that causes pause…

Photo by @jweinberg

We’re looking forward to spring and summer bike tours already!

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