Radar Roundup: Bikepacking Roots Community Routes, Black Mountain Mod Zero Frames, Ultradynamico Mars 26″ Back in Stock, and Rogue Panda Canelo V2


Radar Roundup: Bikepacking Roots Community Routes, Black Mountain Mod Zero Frames, Ultradynamico Mars 26″ Back in Stock, and Rogue Panda Canelo V2

Our Radar Roundup compiles products and videos from the ‘net in an easy-to-digest format. Read on below for today’s findings…

Bikepacking Roots Announces a New Community Routes Project

Bikepacking Roots has created the Community Routes Project (CRoP) to showcase outstanding routes created and stewarded by bikepackers specifically for the enjoyment of the broader bikepacking community. “These aren’t routes that the steward linked together and rode once, but rather they’re routes that have been developed, refined, and vetted with the goal of creating the most exceptional and rewarding experience possible for others,” says Kurt Refsnider, Bikepacking Roots Co-founder and Routes Director. CRoP route stewards update the routes and resources regularly, and many stewards live near their route(s) and are champions for bikepacking in their communities.

Community routes will open for submission in September, 2023 but for now you can check out these routes at Bikepacking Roots:

  • Flint Hills Traverse (Kansas/Oklahoma) – Aaron Apel
  • TransVirginia Bike Route (Virginia) – David Landis
  • Great Rift Dirt Tour (Idaho) – Aaron Couch
  • Babad Do’ag Backroads (Arizona) – Spencer Harding
  • Capes of the Canyon – South Rim (Arizona) – Forrest Radarian
  • Capes of the Canyon – North Rim (Arizona) – Forrest Radarian
  • The Monumental Loop (New Mexico) – Matt Mason
  • Rollin’ and Tumblin’ (New Mexico) – Matt Mason
  • Queen’s Ransom (Arizona) – John Schilling
  • Toiyabe Crest Trail Loop (Nevada) – Kurt Refsnider
  • New Mexico’s Western Highlands Loop (New Mexico) – Kurt Refsnider
  • A Chihuahuan Desert Loop (Arizona/New Mexico) – Kurt Refsnider
  • Kofa National Wildlife Refuge Bikepacking Tour (Arizona) – Kurt Refsnider
  • Grand Staircase-Escalante Nat’l Monument High Plateaus Loop (Utah) – Kurt Refsnider
  • Grand Loop (Utah/Colorado) – Kurt Refsnider
  • Alpine Trail #7 (Montana) – Kurt Refsnider

Many thanks to the team at Bikepacking Roots for this amazing collection!

Black Mountain Cycles Mod Zero Frames Are Available $1145

If you’re a fan of Black Mountain Cycles and have been following Mike on the shop’s Instagram, you know that the Mod Zero has been a project long in the works. The Mod Zero replaces both the MCD and Road+ frames. Frames are in stock and available for purchase. Frameset (frame, fork, thru-axles, seat clamp) is $1145. The story of the Mod Zero is found in this blog post.

With the multitude of standards on bikes these days, the “need to know” info on any Black Mountain Cycles frame is simple, proven, and reliable.

Roll on over to Black Mountain Cycles to read the 411 on the Mod Zero frames!

Ultradynamico Mars Grey Tread Back in Stock $85

John’s favorite tires for his 26″ MTBs and 29″ touring bikes are back in stock. There are even 27.5″ versions ready to roll as well. The Ultradynamico Mars 2.22″ tires sell out super fast so excuse the brevity here but if you’ve been waiting on a pair, get on it!


  • Race compound for superior grip in all conditions.
  • Luxurious high TPI mystery casing sourced from a Moroccan street bazaar which may vary in hue
  • Tread rubber extended down sidewall for a little added protection without sacrificing the premium ride quality of our lightest, most flexible casing.  Don’t buy these if you are an aggressive rider who punctures often.  Consider the Robusto.
  • Continuous ramped center delta for a fast roll when propelled, and confident braking traction when modulated
  • Side knobs won’t let you down, or let you fall down in loose, dry corners
  • Wide knob spacing sheds mud and makes artistic patterns in the space dust
  • Did you know the triangle is the strongest shape in this dimension?
  • 27.5 pairs as a front with our ROSé or CAVA 650b in the rear for a fast and fun slackened ATB rat-rover
  • Tubeless compatible for a rover mimicking psi of 20-30psi
  • Tires packaged and sold individually.
  • 625g, 605g and 600g

Check out the grey Mars at Ultradynamico.

Rogue Panda Canelo V2 Bar Bag $100

The Canelo is back and better than ever! With new ultralight foam spacers and a simplified construction, the Canelo V2 weighs less on the scale *and* weighs less on your wallet.

The original Canelo had rubber spacers to pair with its carbon fiber bar. For the V2, we searched far and wide for a lightweight foam that wouldn’t collapse over time. When we finally found it, we took the opportunity to change our spacer design as well.

Our new spacers have angled ends, which positions your dry bag higher on the head tube. This provides more clearance from your tire and makes for a better fit overall, especially on small-sized bikes. The V2 spacers will fit handlebars between 22mm and 35mm diameter.

The GlidePlate is now optional.  A Rogue Panda original, the GlidePlate provides a smooth turning experience while holding your harness tight against the head tube for maximum stability.

Because the GlidePlate doesn’t work with all frames, we’ve made it an optional accessory. For most steel frames you’ll need to use the included strap instead and tape your frame to protect from abrasion. The GlidePlate requires a minimum head tube circumference of 7 inches.


  • Weight: 6 oz
  • Handlebar Diameter: 22 to 35mm
  • Carbon Fiber Bar Length: 12 inches

Roll on over to Rogue Panda for more!




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