Profile Racing: 120mm Cassette Hubs


Profile Racing: 120mm Cassette Hubs



These are perfect for those of you who have a singlespeed and are looking for an easy way to swap out cogs. Profile gets a request for these once and a while and after some tinkering, they only had to make one new part. Here’s the deal from Profile:

“We’ve gotten occasional requests for this, so after a little trial and error, we discovered that we only needed to make one new part, and use one pre-existing part from our MTB hubs, to convert our legendary BMX Cassette hubs from 110mm OLD to 120mm OLD. Not only can you use our premium Elite BMX hub with it’s 6 pawl Ultradriver, you can also use our less expensive 4 pawl Mini and Totem Cassette hubs.”

You can buy the hubs themselves, or the conversion kit here!