Profile + Krull + Stout Review


Profile + Krull + Stout Review

The first time I rode Profile cranks on my Bruiser, I hated it. I couldn’t stand the q-factor or the slipping bolt which sucks because Profile was the first BMX company to make fixed gear specific equipment almost 2 years ago and it’d be nice to support their products! I had a conversation with Christian shortly after and he shot me a shorter bb spindle. That still didn’t solve the slipping sprocket bolt problem though!

A while back, Volume released pictures of their splined 130 bcd / pcd spider. This was the reason I wanted to ride Profiles again. I know Tree makes a splined sprocket, but I still wanted to use a Milwaukee Stout for grinds since grinding on a fixed gear chain just seems like a catastrophe on the bridge waiting to happen!

I put these cranks on yesterday and rode them for a good bit over the weekend. I’m stoked. They feel great. The Q-Factor could come in a bit, but it’s much better than the previous set up. As of now I have the cup on the DS, the Krull and the crank with no spacers. On the NDS, I have the cup, a dust cap (spacer) and the crank. Both clear my chainstays with about 1/2″ on the crank and a 1/4″ on the spider (DS).

I apologize for the mis-aligned spider and crank alignment. It’s actually not as bad as it looks, but I couldn’t ride with it centered on the spider because of the Stout guard.

To be fair, I still love riding my Omniums but will ride this for a bit and see how I like it in the long run. But for those of you who want a beefy-ass track crankset to ride for under $300, the SRAM Omniums are $250, bb, chainring and crank. They have held up great for me and I abuse them a lot.

Profile + Krull + Stout
Volume Splined Spider