Product Review: REload Flight Pack


Product Review: REload Flight Pack


When Roland from REload hit me up shortly after I initially posted the Flight Pack asking if I wanted to try one out, I was stoked. I love REload and the way I see it, they pretty much started the whole “custom messenger bag” thing. They’re also located in Philly and I always like supporting East Coast companies. Shortly after I confirmed my address with Roland, a Flight Pack arrived and I started using it as my daily bag. While it’s not hyper-organized, its simplicity is part of its allure.

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REload describes the Flight Pack as:

“The Flight Pack is perfect for individuals who prefer a simple setup over tons of organization. Featuring a plush new lightweight and waterproof liner material, the bag tips the scales at slightly over three pounds!”


Believe it or not, this was my first REload bag. I was surprised to see the thoughtfulness that went into each detail. This bag is highly-adjustable through a series of buckles.


The hardware is durable and has been tossed around a bunch.


Adjustment, even with riding is a cinch.


Like all REload bags, it bears the seal.


Unlike the other bag offerings, the Flight Pack has a roll-top, making the bag expandable and waterproof when properly closed.


The two side pockets are vented at the bottom, in case they fill with water or sand and dirt enters them. I usually keep a water or my u-lock in them.


The light-loop at the bottom of the bag is very convenient.


… and the roll top is perfect for quick-entry.


If you wanna carry something big, it opens up.


And exposes a single velcro pocket with organization sleeves attached to it. This is the only pocked on the inside of the bag and is where I keep my tools. This lack of multiple pockets might turn some people away but I found on my daily rides, it’s more than enough. Having one big pocked it really helpful, especially if you’re like me and you’ve got a DSLR case, tool pouch and other smaller bags inside.


Overall, the bag isn’t bulky, even when stuffed. It’s not obstructing to your view either.


The Flight Pack sits comfortably on your back when full and compresses down when it’s not. There’s a back-pad and padded straps to make it rest on your back. The back pad also helps secure anything expensive like a laptop.


The weight, size and accessibility of the Flight Pack is spot-on. When Roland told me it was 3 lbs, I thought for sure it was less. This bag is hardly noticeable when empty and it packs perfectly into other luggage for traveling. At one point I fit it inside another bag of mine. Throw your work clothes, your camera and your laptop into it and forget they’re there. The best part about the Flight Pack is like any REload bag, the color combinations are endless! Head over to REload and build yours today!

Thanks Roland! See you at the Philly Bike Expo and thanks to Luke for the photos of me riding.