Product Review: Fizik Kurve Saddle


Product Review: Fizik Kurve Saddle


As part of what I’m calling the bastardization of a period correct race machine, aka modernizing my vintage Eddy Merckx road bike, I was looking for a new, modern road saddle. I’ve tried other Fizik saddles before and aside from the Arione, I was never really sold on their shapes. When I was Interbike, I talked with the Fizik marketing manager about how I love my Brooks Swift and vintage Cinelli Unicanitors because of the right amount of flex you can achieve after breaking them in.

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That’s when Fizik’s marketing manager pulled out the new Fizik Kurve, modeled after rider and material flexibility, the Kurve is a new direction for modern saddles. Riders are all different in terms of flexibility, which is why Fizik made three different Kurve models: the Bull, the Chameleon and the Snake. The least flexible riders are Bulls, mid-range flexibility riders are Chameleons and the most flexible riders are snakes. Each model is marked only by a slight image on the rear of the saddle. As you can see, I’m a Chameleon.


The Kurve saddles utilize what Fizik is calling the Mobius rail, or a continuous rail that acts like a spring, held in tension by the dual-layer composite fabric.


This fabric is in single layers at the areas where flexibility is needed with the material.


What makes the Kurve like a Brooks are these tension plates. If you want a soft ride, simple lock in the soft plate and if you like your saddles harder, insert the hard plate.


I’ve put around 200 miles on this so far and it’s not only sharp looking but a damn nice ride.


So what about the weight? The saddle ranges from 230g for the Bull and 224g for the Snake, with the Chameleon in the middle.


Retail? $270 and they’ll be available in mid October.

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Many thanks to Fizik for handing over this baby. It’s made my riding much more pleasant.