Philly Shop Visit: Bicycle Revolutions


Philly Shop Visit: Bicycle Revolutions

Every city has their staple shop. The bicycle shop that caters to the community and not just by offering repairs and builds. Community support comes in many forms. Whether it’s selling the local brands, displaying art, hanging out with the locals and being a safe haven for messengers during the day, a staple shop is the backbone to the community. In Philadelphia, on South 4th street lies Bicycle Revolutions; a shop that does all the above. The last time I was in Philly, I spent some time in the shop with Fuzzy and the crew and got a sense of the kind of operation they’re running.

Check out some more photos below!

Bicycle Revolutions, since opening its doors in 2006, has been the go-to spot for all things related to urban cycling. From repairing busted wheels from freestyle goons, to mounting fenders on a commuter’s ride, Fuzzy and the gang have been tied to the cycling scene in Philly for over 4 years.

You wonder why they call him Fuzzy?

Every shop needs one of these.

Central command. Here’s where the business is done.

You can always tell how in-tune a shop is by their stock. Not many shops on the east coast carry fixed freestyle frames. With a booming fixed scene in Philly, Fuzzy’s filled a much needed niche.

If you swing by, you might catch one of the Sweat Hogs getting their bike repaired.

… big boys break shit often.

Bicycle Revolutions has a rotating gallery. Fuzzy knows that people who ride bikes come from all walks of life and supporting his costumer’s artistic abilities sets this shop apart from the rest.

Affordable and unique art.


Like all shops, they have their rules!

… and their vintage insignia.

The way Bike Revs displays their products allows their consumer base to see and feel what they want to purchase. Very little product is behind glass casework.

The mechanic’s area and storage.

This is where wheels are born.

Those IRD cranks are looking pretty clean.

In the back of the shop is this couryard. It quickly became a spill-over storage on nice and sunny days. One of the sure signs of success is growth and Bicycle Revolutions knows all about that.

In fact, they grew so much that Fuzzy took over a space across the street. It’s the “boutique” of the shop. Holding all the fashion and products you need to get your steez on.

One of the perks of owning a shop is being able to display your bikes.

Like I mentioned, Fuzzy supports the locals!

I want to thank Fuzzy and the Bicycle Revolutions crew for letting me hang out and snap photos all morning. I’d also like to thank the Philly crew for being so hospitable. You guys rule!

If you’re ever in Philly, swing through and check out the shop! For up-to-date news, read their blog too! As always, there’s spill-over photos on my Flickr!

Bicycle Revolutions Ltd
712 South 4th Street
Philadelphia, PA 19147-3102
(215) 629-2453