Peel Sessions 08.27 Recap


Peel Sessions 08.27 Recap

No handed 540 rollout by Condition NYC

Wayne and Mosher.

I think your splines are a bit off homie!

Late night smokes by Condition NYC

All these pics look super relaxed and chill. Don’t let them fool you though. Peel tonight was in-fucking-sane. We got a bunch of palettes and plywood and build another ghetto kicker. Wonka had some mechanical problems when 180’ing off it, Torey hit his head after pulling massive air, my wrists are killing me and we got some sick-ass lines for the Revival.

Seriously, thanks so much Brooklyn for throwing it down proper tonight. Such a good time. Thanks for coming out!

More pics and video will follow. Keep watch for some nice extras in the Revival too!