PDX_003 Rapha North America NW Gentlemen’s Race Preview #RGR


PDX_003 Rapha North America NW Gentlemen’s Race Preview #RGR




I gotta hand it to Jeremy at Embrocation and Rapha USA, if he would have never gotten me out to Portland to shoot photos of the Rapha North America Gentlemen’s Race, I probably would have put this tour off even more. Yesterday he had me riding on the back of a dirtbike shooting photos of the Embro team and covering the event. Over 130 miles and over 6,000 feet of elevation awaited the teams. 40% of which was on gravel. It was brutal. All I did was shoot photos all day and I am wiped today. With temperatures over 90 degrees, 26 teams fought their way through the hills, spills and thrills.

These are only a preview of what will be printed in the next issue of Embrocation and on their site. I’ll be posting some myself, but not until I’m back from my tour. I really, really want to thank them for making this happen. It was a unique experience and next year, we’ll have to pull a Norse team together.