Pake: Ukiah Riser Bars


Pake: Ukiah Riser Bars


These 560mm wide, 25.4 clamp chromoly risers finally made their way to the Pake arsenal. I gotta admit, I dig them! If I rode 25.4 clamp bars, I’d scoop a pair.

Pake is also throwing a contest and you can help name one of their frames. Check out those details below.

Details via the Pake Facebook:

When we had just one little frame, we thought we could be lazy and not think of a name. None of you seemed to mind owning frame w/o a name. BUT now we have two track frames and another possibly in the works and we are getting tired of saying “steel track frame” and “alloy track frame”. So we need some awesome names.

Model breakdowns to help you get creative:
1) Steel Track Frame: Strong, agile, affordable all-steel ride
2) Alloy Track Frame: Light and fast enough for the velodrome. Includes carbon fork.
3) FGFS/”Ride Around” frame: Designed for tricks, but not so heavy that you don’t feel like racing and commuting on it. (Still in development)

1. Sounds good when said with “Pa-kay” in front of it.
2. Un-lame.

Ideas that we will disqualify immediately:
No swear words, nothing racist or sexist, no names of existing bike models current or discontinued, nothing rhyming with “gangster”, “gansta”, “zipper” or “cruiser”, no beer-related themes (nothing against beer now) no names of Greek philosophers, no certain household appliances, and nothing that ends with more than 2 z’s. Other than that you have free reign.

Schwag: Best 5 entries will get a Pake saddle or cycling cap. If we actually use your idea, you win a Pake Crankset or Ukiah Bar too.

Fine Print: Winners will be selected by Pake staff. There is chance that we might not like any of the names and pick our own. We will still award best/least sucky 5 entries. Only entries posted to Facebook discussion topic will be accepted. If you aren’t on FB, it makes it hard for us to find you if you are a winner. Accepting entries until Dec. 15, 2010