Outlier: The Wool Pack


Outlier: The Wool Pack


When Roy from Outlier sent this over, I made the joke that finally, their model figured out that a bike was the fastest way around the city. Kidding aside, the new threads from the Brooklyn-based clothing company are staples in the NYC winter:

Woolback OG Pant
Outlier’s original OG pant reconstructed for winter. The doubleweave fabric from Schoeller combines the soft warmth of merino on the inside with a tough water resistant exterior.

Merino Ribbed Henley
A stone classic henley in a Super 100 merino rib. Wear it close to skin as a base layer or over a button down as a lightweight sweater.

Classic Merino Hoodie
Merino’s remarkable temperature regulating capabilities make for a superior lightweight hoodie. The perfect indoor/outdoor layering piece for cool weather.”

I have the Classic Merino Hoodie and you couldn’t pry it from my post-apocalyptic hands if you tried.