Outlier: The Merino Pullover


Outlier: The Merino Pullover


This just in from Outlier:

“At Outlier we always try to make those sorts of garments that you wind up wearing everyday no matter how many things are in your closet. With the new Merino Pullover we just might have done too good of a job, everyone in the freaking office is wearing one right now. We took the same superfine merino we use in our hoodies and built an incredibly versatile pullover out of it. You can wear it like a lightweight sweater, softer than cotton but with wool’s insulating ability. Or you can rock it like the world’s best sweatshirt, merino’s killer sweat wicking and stink resistance make it perfect for the gym or a good run. It regulates temperature like a dream so you don’t overheat when you step out of the winter cold into a warm interior. Basically we’ll be wearing these things all winter long and you might want to think about doing the same.

When winter hits like a brick you might want to make like the Wu Tang and protect your neck. Six feet of pure merino goodness in the form of a scarf. It’s long, wide and incredibly soft. Full on cold weather protection, ribbed for your comfort. Introducing the Six Foot Scarf.

To round off a merino triptych we’re also happy to finally have our Ultrafine Merino Tees available in winter colors. Our Near White is the whitest merino around and the Bravest Blue and Storm Gray are just straight up good looking. The 17.5 micron, 190gram fabric is incredibly soft, drapes well and has all the performance capabilities that make merino so great.”

Believe me, their Merino is a staple in my wardrobe. Layer, layer, layer. Grab one at the Outlier web shop.