Outlier: The Ladies Slim Dungaree


Outlier: The Ladies Slim Dungaree

Photo by Emiliano Granado

Ever since I picked up a pair of Outlier pants for Lauren, she’s been in love with them. They fit her perfectly and now, there are more fit options from the Outlier team. Introducing the Ladies Slim Dungaree. As the name implies, these are tailored and slim, but will accompany many body types. Here’s more from Outlier:

“Don’t call them jeans. There’s no denim in here. No cotton to blowout after a month or two of cycling. No cotton to suck up sweat and rain and clam up your life for hours as it sort of dries. If Levi Strauss set out today, do you think he’d pick a fabric centuries old, or would he do what he did 160 years ago and find the toughest, most durable and most comfortable cloth around?

We set out to make a true five pocket pant for casual work and wear; a women’s version of our Slim Dungarees. It needed to be ready for our lifestyle. One pant we could wear everyday, all day. One that could handle the stress of daily cycling and would still look good even when covered in grime and paint.

Pants that stay dry in light rain, yet dry fast if they do get wet. Pants that shrug off coffee and beer. Pants that look and smell good even if you never wash them but can also get tossed in the washer without compromising their core style. Pants we can hike and sail in and then still walk into a restaurant looking sharp.

Five pocket design with brushed stainless steel rivets and a gusseted crotch. ”

Pick up a pair here.