Outlier: Supermarine Anorak


Outlier: Supermarine Anorak

Photo by Emiliano “Bro” Grenado

I could be posting about the new Outlier Supermarine® Anorak but people will just complain about the cost of the thing (even if this cotton is one of the priciest materials known to outdoor companies – so much so that even Arc’teryx can only afford to use it for a panel on the arm, much less an entire garment). Although I can tell you that I am in love with my last year’s model. It’s the nicest rain jacket I have ever owned and it makes me miss inclement weather. But know this, when I travel to cities with piss weather, it’s always on my back. This year’s model is newer and improveder. So head to Outlier and see more.

Let’s not get ahead of ourselves, this isn’t necessarily a product plug, as much as a photography plug. I think this is the best photo Emiliano has taken for Outlier. It’s like an illustration come to life. Amazing man.