Outlier: Soft Core Wool Vest


Outlier: Soft Core Wool Vest



If there’s one thing I miss about living in Texas, it’s being able to wear awesome winter wear. Outlier is teasing me with this one! The Soft Core (heh) Wool Vest is now available and I’m into that back pocket. It looks perfect for a 35mm point and shoot camera!

“Wide range warmth without overheating. The Outlier Soft Core Wool Vest. Traditional winter insulation is often too hot for switching between indoor and outdoor activity. With this vest we pair three well considered layers of highly breathable insulation with a trim cut to create a drier, more comfortable way to stay warm.

A soft core of knit superfine New Zealand merino for an always comfortable body climate. An outer face of wool flannel for outdoor performance and sharp looks. Sandwiched in between is a 120 gram Primaloft Infinity continuous filament insulation. Unlike most insulations Infinity does not clump and it does not migrate, allowing us to use dramatically more breathable fabrics and create a more comfortable form of warmth. A standout piece from our Fall ’11 collection, the Soft Core Wool Vest.”

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