Outlier Preorder Exclusive


Outlier Preorder Exclusive


Abe at Outlier just informed me that they will be launching their product line on Wednesday, but for readers of this blog, you can preorder them now for a savings. He’s stoked the pants have come out so well. For being made in NYC, we’re all thrilled on their final product. You’ll rarely have to wash them, they repel stains and are self-cleaning. The cut is perfect for cycling and to be honest, the black pants are killing it! Make sure to read up on the facts on the preorder page.

I have a pair of pants from a previous season and they’re super comfortable to ride in. Not to mention water resistant as well. I will say that you should measure your proper waistline. I wear a 34 in jeans and a 34 in these pants as well. Pictured are also Outlier‘s gloves, soon to come.

So be sure and check out that preorder page and spread the word.