Outlier: Blazed Cotton Pivot Sleeve Shirt and Workwear Pants


Outlier: Blazed Cotton Pivot Sleeve Shirt and Workwear Pants

Photo by Emiliano Granado

Two new garments from Outlier for an early fall drop. First up is the Blazed Cotton Pivot Sleeve Shirt:

Innovation in form meets innovation in fiber with our new Blazed Cotton Pivot Sleeve Shirt. We took our core Pivot Sleeve Shirt, tweaked it to fit and move even better and then took it to next level by custom developing a better cotton shirting to make it in. The result a crisp shirt, that not only lets you move freely, but also repels dirt and sweat so you stay cleaner and drier even as you push yourself to the limits.

The Blazed Cotton itself takes two mills to produce. We have it woven by Getzner in Austria using a premium high twist cotton in an end-on-end construction. The unfinished goods are then sent 30km down the road to Schoeller in Switzerland which then applies their proprietary nanosphere treatment. This treatment emulates the self-cleaning properties of a lotus leaf, creating a classic cotton that doesn’t soak in moisture and grime, keeping it’s good looks under pressure.

Check out the second drop, the new Workwears, below.

Photo by Emiliano Granado

Next up are the Workwear Pants – Iteration Two:

Hardwearing, comfortable, tough and honest. A rugged pant designed to work (and look good working) in a wide variety of situations.

The Workwear Pants are made with our Doubleweave Canvas, the strongest and most durable of our fabrics. It’s got a Cordora grade nylon exterior, yet the interior is brushed soft with a great breathability making it incredibly comfortable. The canvas face drapes well and has a great dullness. That basically means this is a really good looking fabric, you can pull it off in the office, yet it performs well enough to take to the backcountry.

As always, there’s more information at Outlier.