Ogilvy & Mather: Helmet PSAs


Ogilvy & Mather: Helmet PSAs


I’m not one for scare-tactic public safety ads. Sometimes, it’s just too much. The NYC anti-smoking ones are the worst. I don’t smoke so why do I need to see some photos of dissected lungs? Or rotten teeth? It’s gross and I don’t care to see that kinda shit when I’m ordering my egg and cheese sandwich. What I will say is the Taiwanese ad agency Ogilvy & Mather did a pretty good job on these Helmet PSA posters. I’ve seen them before and was indifferent to posting them, knowing that even though I try to, I sometimes ride without my helmet and there’s nothing worse than a hypocrite. It wasn’t until I saw these reposted on Go Means Go via Brussels Bike Polo that I decided to put them up on a Friday.

Wanna see two more? Check them out below…



Gruesome right? Not as bad as when I rode past a woman last winter who had been run over by a bus. Brain matter was coming out of her eyes and ears. Sure, a helmet may not have saved her life but there have been countless miracle incidents where they did!

Ride safe guys.