Nike Air Zoom Tiempo Love


Nike Air Zoom Tiempo Love

This happens to me a lot. I post about a product and some time passes only to get a few emails all at once asking “well, what do you think of them?”. To be honest, a lot of the things I post about I never get the chance to try out. Sometimes I do get products to review for free and that was the case with my first set of Nike Air Zoom Tiempos. Months later and I still wear those almost daily. It wasn’t until yesterday that I bought another pair. Mostly due to my snobbery about all-black shoes these days. It wasn’t until Nike put out the Mr. Cartoon Air Zoom Tiempos that I wanted to get another pair.

Check out some more photos below!

Like the others in the series, these have a very sturdy sole and outsole; it takes a lot to bend them fully over, from toe to heel. Paired with a tough leather upper and ample padding, they are about as comfy of a cycling shoe that you can get from a sneaker.

The narrow silhouette fits perfectly in traditional toe clips and the padding makes them ideal for Hold Fasts and other foot retention systems.

I’m not saying these are the only sneakers you should ride in because there are 100’s of options. People have their opinions. I just wanted to say that I definitely am pleased with this product and I’m fairly certain that these were a general release. Hell, I waited months to finally buy my pair and they still had my size in stock. Hopefully Nike will continue to make them!

Thanks to Gordon for reminding me about these!

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