New Bike for a New Year Contest


New Bike for a New Year Contest


I was invited, along with Patrick from Pedal Consumption and Zach from Zlog, to be a judge in the new Leader and Trick Track give-away contest. The gist is you can win a new Leader frameset for submitting a picture of yourself doing a fixed gear freestyle trick. This should be good, so get your photographer buddies and your skills ready!

Full rules and regulations are below.

Rules and Regulations:

-Submit a photo of your best trick to
-You cannot work for Leader or
-Submissions close January 31st
-All riders that are sponsored are exempt
-Photos have to be original (no editing or photoshopping)
-The trick rider wins one (1) frameset, not the photographer
-The photographer of the photo will win a 20% off discount off any purchase from Leader under $500

John, Zach and Patrick will pick 3 finalists, then it goes to a poll open to all tricktrack members to vote on one winner

Post your images here, at the New Bike New Year contest thread on Trick Track.

Disclaimer: Leader Bike LLC and its affiliates are not responsible for and cannot accept any liability for any accident, injury or fatality arising as a result of stated competition.

For complete rules and regulations click HERE