My Summer Riding Shoes


My Summer Riding Shoes

I know everyone’s into riding in Vans but for me, I’ve found their flimsy soles and thin toe-boxes to be a pain. Literally. I’ve had my feet bruised from riding in them before and people here in NY have developed tendinitis in the tops of their feet. The kinds of strain people develop from wearing shoes with inappropriate support in most athletic circumstances.

About 6 months ago, I sprained my ankle. Once it got better, I starting riding in Nike SB mids. SB is Nike’s skateboarding line. The shoes have more padding, a stiffer insole and more commonly now, Kevlar toeboxes to reduce wear. I don’t want you to think I’m getting paid by Nike to say this. I’m well aware of the issues people have with the company, so just know this; pretty much any shoe directed at skateboarding with a vulcanized / EVA sole / outsole will be stiffer than a gum sole. Multiple brands address those issues. This stiffness is crucial in a riding shoe.

I’m in love with them. My feet have never been sore, they fit in a variety of foot retention systems and I’ve got ample ankle support. I know not everyone is into the mid basketball shoe look, which is why I’m posting about the SB Veloce [hmmmm where do I know that word from?].

They’re Nike’s new spin on their older Air Max shoes turned into the SB brand. They have the stiffest sole I’ve ever felt in a Nike, Kevlar sides, a meshed tongue for breathability and a leather toebox.

I think I found my ideal summer shoe.

They’re available at CCS now in four colorways; black and white, gray and neon green, turqoise and black, red white and black.

Pics via Flatspot and CCS.