Monē Bikes Hits the Road with the New El Pebblito Gravel Bike


Monē Bikes Hits the Road with the New El Pebblito Gravel Bike

We just featured the boundary-pushing Full Enjoy from MONē Bikes in Monday’s gallery of unique builds from this year’s Sedona Mountain Bike Festival. Then, not twenty-four hours later, Cjell announced that his new El Pebblito gravel framesets were available for sale.

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Like other models in the Monē Bikes catalog, the El Pebblito features many details and accouterments that meld Cjell’s appreciation for cycling history with his forward-thinking design aspirations and experience from many hours in the saddle.

The El Pebblito frame utilizes Columbus tubing, with MAX top/down tubes and Zona seat tube for stability when loaded down. Available as a stand-alone item, or as part of a frameset, the Monē-branded Lithic Hiili road/gravel fork can run up to a 29×2.1″ (mayyyyyyyybe a 2.2″) tire.

The custom yoke design, combined with adjustable chainstays, allows the frame to accommodate a 29×2.1″ tire (the tires pictured are 700x36mm).

Two frame versions are available: as pictured with fixed chainstays, derailleur only, flat brake mounts, and room for 700x50mm tires; OR with adjustable Monē Changer stays (for running singlespeed, coaster brake, etc), post or flat brake mounts, and full clearance for 29×2.1″ tire.

El Pueblito gravel drop bars are also now available in three widths  – 400, 420, and 440.

See more at Moné.