Mishka: It’s Nick James


Mishka: It’s Nick James


One of the first posts here on the blog after I left the old Blogger platform was a piece drawn by Nick James that was simply titled, “Streetwear“. Later we saw the John Prolly Adventures and now, it seems that Nick’s hand is getting some much-deserved love over at the Mishka Bloglin.

Two years ago, Nick sent the guys at Mishka a holiday card. It was around the same time that he sent me this one. When Mikhail got it in the mail, he immediately contacted Nick about using his sketch in a t-shirt design. Well, the shirt’s for sale now and to commemorate Nick’s work, the guys at Mishka made a great post about him on the Bloglin. Go check it out!

I also want to add how awesome it is that Nick almost always incorporates a bike in his work.