Midnight Keirin Club


Midnight Keirin Club

Attention all NYC heads! Come out on Friday night for Midnight Keirin Club.

(1) Track bikes only, no brakes. GOOD working mechanical order. THIS IS SERIOUS BUSINESS! In the past, poorly maintained bikes have resulted in concussions ahem. you know who you are
(2) Helmets STRONGLY suggested. Not mandatory, but seriously, if you are going all out this is something you should think about.
(3) YOU ARE RESPONSIBLE FOR YOU. Your conduct affects your safety, the safety of other racers and the overall enjoyability of the event. Respect that.
(4) Everyone who races helps out. You want the course clear of pedestrians and fair warning of traffic, don’t you? well one good turn….
(5) Cash buy in, winner takes. There will be a separate pool for each race and a secondary pool for second chance at glory aka repechage.

There will be two races this Friday. (1) Miss and Out (2) 200m drag.
Each race is $5. Buy back in is $2. Please come correct, no whining. If you aint got $5 to stake, then you need to be delivering some burgers, not hanging out.

There are no sponsors. This is a strictly From the Street, For the Street type event.

Location – check comments tomorrow at 7pm!