Mash SF: 2011 Cinelli Mash Bullhorn Bars Pre-Order


Mash SF: 2011 Cinelli Mash Bullhorn Bars Pre-Order


Now you guys can stop emailing me about the Mash SF Cinelli bullhorn bars!

Cinelli MASH Bullhorn Bars

Shipping June 26th 2011:
We are happy to announce the pre-order for MASH Bullhorn Handlebars produced in conjunction with Cinelli.

The inspiration for this bar came from our collective experiences with different types of TT bars. Our goal was to pick all the things we liked about all the types of TT bars we ride and pack them into one. When that didn’t work, we picked the best of the best and came up with the Mash Bullhorn.

The MASH Bullhorn is hydroform molded from top of the line Columbus alloy which results in a stiff, responsive bar. Widths start at 40cm with a mild ergonomic drop and an oversized 31.8 clamp area. Additionally, the flats have a simple “toothed” surface for added grip. Multiple hand positions make this bar one of our favorite options for the street.

Pre-order them right cheah!