Mårten is Beatific


Mårten is Beatific

Mårten is Beatific from John Prolly on Vimeo.

It’s spring in NYC and the city is alive. Time to pack away the coats, clean up the bikes and spend the day riding around. Mårten and his twin brother Jakob are visiting from Stockholm, where it’s still snowy and cold. Needless to say, the guys were stoked to ride some spots and see the city. These clips were taken before I messed my wrist up and was forced back over the bridge to recuperate.

The song is Glass Candy – “Beatific”

Check out some photos below.

The Brooklyn Banks

Crank arm grind

Mårten’s 3-tap over the hip

Jakob at McCarren

I’m planning on taking the guys around the city tomorrow. Hopefully we can get a few more photos and clips before they head back to Sweden.

Mårten at the Brooklyn Banks
Well This Sucks