Map Cycles: Where I Work


Map Cycles: Where I Work


I wish every company and framebuilder would do this. Hell, my work station is an absolute nightmare right now compared to this space. What’s yours looking like? Map Cycles added the following information along with this photo to their Flickr:

“This little room has been getting a slow makeover as I figure out my workflow in the main shop. Last weekend I made the wall-hanging racks for frames and today picked them up from the powdercoater and anchored them to the wall. Drilling with a rotohammer is no fun – my arms are still vibrating. It’s looking much better than it was when it was just packed full of whatever was in the way. I feel I can manage my work a lot better when everything has a home. I guess it feels good to make a home, and I’m here a lot. Next year I want heat.”

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