Locked Up: Uno Pista


Locked Up: Uno Pista


Last night was the Joyride Art Show for the 2011 Bicycle Film Festival here in NYC. As expected, the cycling community of New York embraced the event by locking up all of their Beautiful Bicycles to the scaffolding, street signs and any other vertical element in a 3-block radius of the Spencer Brownstone gallery space. This Uno Pista is first up because it was my favorite track bike at the show. Well ridden, chipped and full of style, this Locked Up beauty was hard to miss!

Check out a few more details below!


The thing people don’t “get” about “gold” Sugino 75’s is that they look the best when they’ve seen some miles. The only polishing these cranks have seen was from the double straps!


Details everywhere.


And a custom downtube decal.


Digging the flat bars with the drop stem. Overall, this is one Beautiful Bicycle. I just wish that I had a full driveside shot. There was a big van parked in front of this pile and I couldn’t get a good shot.

I’ve got a ton of photos of some noble steeds coming your way tomorrow and of course, you can probably see more of this bike in person at the 2011 NYC BFF!