Locked Up: Serotta Road


Locked Up: Serotta Road



Today I picked up my Zykkor FD to EF adapter, my f1.4 50mm glass from my Canon AE-1 and shot some random photos, mostly to experiment with the capabilities. Well, it turns out, the adapter doesn’t like any aperature below f5 and it gets super, almost unusably hazy (more like a halo) around f2.8 (example). At other times, mostly around ∞, it’s sharp. At close-up (pre-macro) shots, it’s clean and crisp. I tested it out at various shutter speeds, apertures and ISO to find it’s so finicky that it’s not even worth using. Especially when I’m used to striking results from my Canon AE-1 on film.

Since it’s all I had on me when we picked up groceries tonight, I shot this neon Serotta outside Whole Foods. None of the photos came out too great but you can see the rest here on my Flickr in my FD on 7D set.

Has anyone used an FD to EF adapter that allows you to focus on a wide aperture? I am well aware that you have to control ISO, shutter and aperture to get a good shot with these adapters but my digital scraps show numerous photos taken with various settings, all rendering that hazy, fuzzy profile in certain lighting conditions.