Little Package: Handmade Cycling Caps in Portland


Little Package: Handmade Cycling Caps in Portland


The great thing about social media is that little sarcastic Twitter account that pops up every once and a while is probably run by a legitimate business owner. It just so happened that last night, I finally looked at the URL that one of those accounts was linking to. Turns out, it belonged to Little Package, a cycling cap manufacturer in Portland. I say manufacturer not because of the size of the company but the craft of their product.

Little Package is Caroline Paquette, a one woman army and from what I can tell, these are some of the nicest winter caps I’ve seen. With clients ranging from Rapha to Ira Ryan Cycles and the infamous Gründelbrüisers team, I’d say she’s pushing a solid product.

Check out more of Little Package’s line here!