Lamour Supreme for Prolly is Not Probably: Biking Viking Teaser


Lamour Supreme for Prolly is Not Probably: Biking Viking Teaser

Screen shot 2011-04-11 at 2.21.38 PM.png

Man, it’s a Viking overload! First J.P. Elliot finished up the Helm of Awe Viking logo and now Lamour Supreme unleashes the Biking Viking on us. It’s like a Norse army. Just wait till both of these illustrations get put to use.

So here’s a little back-story. After he drew the Monster Track 8 spoke card, Joel drew the Demon on a Track. In fact, it was one of the first track bike illustrations that I remember seeing. At the time, Joel went by Fixed Fiend, not Lamour Supreme. It blew my fucking mind. How bad-ass is that? (Don’t forget the Track Rex!) I hit him up on Flickr back in 2007, asking if he ever made prints of the Demon on a Track and from there on out, we were friends. Later I introduced him to the Mishka guys and now he’s like Greg’s Mishka’s creepy dad, doing various projects and traveling around the world sculpting Kaiju like the new Red Jade Mongolion. Joel gave me the Demon on a Track drawing for my birthday last year and it brought tears to my eyes!

So this is just a teaser. I quickly traced Joel’s drawing for a post and am going to pass it off to more able-bodied designers to clean it up. Expect this to make its way onto something in the near future.