Rem Koolhaas, the Dutch mastermind behind Office For Metropolitan Architecture has influenced many architecture students and practicioners over the years. He’s the driving force behind internationally acclaimed masterpieces like the CCTV building, the Seattle Public Library and the Porto Concert Hall.

Now he’s inspired a typeface. FWIS used Koohaas’ Miesian typologies to create a typeface that’s more representative of his work, rather than a usable type.

“‘koolhand’ is a new type face which takes its form from the architectural works of rem koolhaas.
the typeface is designed by fwis and art directed by chris papasadero. he is aiming to design a font
a day for the month of january and is posting them on his website. while the letters in ‘koolhand’
aren’t really designed for legibility, papasadero envisions them for textural treatments. “