k@nt! BFF 2009 TOKYO Trailer


k@nt! BFF 2009 TOKYO Trailer

k@nt! BFF 2009 TOKYO Trailer from k@nt! on Vimeo.

Here’s the trailer for the k@nt! Bicycle Film Festival TOKYO edit (10 minutes long) this Saturday, November 21st. If you’re there, be sure to book your tickets for Program 4. Teppei (Nasty!) and the dude on the pink W-base frame are killing it.

I love watching what happens to bicycles in slow-motion. Chain pops and pedal shock for days.

Does k@nt! have a website? I’ve looked and can’t find anything… All I can find is that it’s directed by Dir. Kazuto Nakamura & Ikuma Ootsubo.

k@nt! HAMA BIKE & BFF 2009 TOKYO Trailer