JP Weigle: Color Inspiration


JP Weigle: Color Inspiration


Since I didn’t do such a great job at explaining Peter Weigle’s color inspiration for his Philly Bike Expo frame, I figured I’d post this:

“Color inspiration for my Philly Bike Expo frame

The robin’s egg shell was found in the spring and lived on the window sill in front of the kitchen sink. This nest blew out of a tree near my shop this fall and somehow they just went together before the show.

Some new friends from Maine (who rode all the way down to attend the show) stopped by to look at the bikes in my booth and exclaimed, “that egg shell and that nest don’t go together”. I knew they didn’t, but never thought anyone would notice or comment on it.
The nest is believed to be from a chipping sparrow, and of course we know the egg shell is from…

I love birds and observe them often, though I would never call myself a “birder”.
Being able to identify many, and know their calls brings me great joy.
Being able to identify their nests,, is several levels up in my book.

Janika and Rob, I hope you had a safe ride home.”