Interbike 2010: Portland Design Works Accessories


Interbike 2010: Portland Design Works Accessories


Knowing what’s good for Portland is good for the rest of the Nation’s commuters, Portland Design Works continues their elegant mix of design and function for their 2011 accessories. Pictured above is their first front basket, complete with light mount and a proprietary bag (not pictured).

Check out more of PDW’s products below.


The basket mounts to your handle bars, is made from solid steel and was designed to fit a 6-pack. Stellar!


Because two high-powered LEDs is better than one; the Danger Zone.


In case you missed this one, the Bar-Ista.


This is the first time I’ve seen a clamp-on aluminum fender before. The PDW Machete is just that. Durable and simple to use.


… and damn does it look nice! If metal ain’t your thing, have a look at their Origami Fenders and check back with PDW for more updates as events warrant.