Inside the WNW Community Space


Inside the WNW Community Space

I took some time today to visit the WNW space while it was less crowded and took some pictures. Read up below…

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Reflecting the STAGES Art Show at the intersection of cycling and art in New York.

A community space powered by Nike and LIVESTRONG

Truing stand and tools. The guys at WNW will help you repair your bike.

Trackstar cargo bike.

Project bike; 1970’s Eisentraut. The Trackstar guys will be slowly repairing this bike through a series of instructional classes. For free…

CTRS Nike Air Tiempos

Photo wall; faces of visitors.

Dispatch and tool area. The space has come along nicely. To keep up to date with the forthcoming events at WNW, check the schedule.

If you’re in NYC, roll through and say hi. Don’t forget, you can follow WNW on Twitter.