Initial Reaction: Acorn Bags’ Roll Bag


Initial Reaction: Acorn Bags’ Roll Bag


The world of handmade in the USA cycling bags has dwindled over the years. With most companies opting for overseas production, it’s nice to see quality products still being constructed here in the States. But there’s always a catch. Handmade usually means fewer numbers being produced and that’s the case with Acorn Bags. When I posted about them earlier, I had missed their runs entirely. So I just emailed them, paid for this Roll Bag and waited. A week ago, it showed up at my door and man, am I impressed.

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Installation was a cinch! Two leather straps feed through your bag loops.


Everything about this bag screams high-quality. The smell of the leather, the stitching and the attention to detail are spot on.


With a simple unbuckling, the Roll Bag unrolls (surprise!), displaying three zippered compartments.


The bottom compartment is larger, allowing you to stuff as much as you please into it.


The best part? It comes in all black! For $59, I felt like I got a great deal and I’m supporting two people’s love for making handmade bags in the USA. Check out more information at Acorn Bags’ site and there are a few more photos in a slideshow below. Simply click the large image to browse.

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Acorn Bags: Handmade in the USA